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Re: Basically it's Woolly Wednesday!

Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
Well Janine we were having a great time....but Blake took to screaming again for the last 3 hours. Jason finally gave up and called the insurance and found the nearest hospital that they would cover. We don't know if he overdid it today and maybe he has an injured tailbone or that he indead has some intestional worm going on. He was screaming bug stay away tonight.....

But the heart breaking thing is the other kids are exhausted and have been asleep for hours so j wanted me to stay here. I got him dressed and he kept saying Mommy you carry my Buzz toy out and when Jason carried him out of the room he was screaming My mommy go with me...

I can't stop sobbing now...what kind of mom can't be with her baby when he needs me
I'm so sorry. That's so difficult.
Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
trying to decide if I should nap while I wait to hear or if I should stay awake......
better take a nap so when Blake comes home you're rested up.
Originally Posted by whitehologram View Post
It's really hard to pump with Fynn screaming and trying climb up because he sees my boobs. He's tired and wants to nurse.

Originally Posted by whitehologram View Post
on the plus side the oatmeal and fenugreek really has upped my supply!
I'm glad that is working for you. Fynn will go back to nursing once you heal up.

Originally Posted by stephcrouse View Post
I'm so sorry. I totally know what you're going through. With B not sleeping and then add the regular pregnancy exhaustion - plus taking care of your other kiddos - that's a lot of energy you're expending.

Originally Posted by niftysmith View Post
Aww. to all of you mamas this morning.

Speaking of Woolly Wednesday, I got a box of woolly goodness from Erin on Monday. Cute stuff! I'll have to find some time other than bedtime for E to model it all.

My brother deleted me from Facebook. He's almost 14 and we don't talk much (my fault, I know), but ... still. It made me mad.

Other than that, I'm starving and need to figure out what's for breakfast.
I'm so glad that you got the package!!! Does all of it fit Elisha? I can't wait to see the cookie monster shorties!!!!

Originally Posted by whitehologram View Post
I've busy working on the doll for the stocking.

Using this wool
OOOOOoooooo.....I can't wait to see I'm excited about the stocking to see what everyone is making and doing! We have such awesome, creative mamas here in the B2B

Cheryl - I'm sorry things aren't going so smooth with the move.

Ty is eating goldfish for breakfast I'll give him some yogurt too. We really need groceries, but I can't walk around the store to get them. I"m making a detailed list and going to send my MIL for the very basics. I need things b/c we're out of food to eat, milk, etc... I just went to the store last week, but guess I got too much stuff for the birthday party and not enough for the regular household.

I'm feeling ok this morning, but exhausted. I was *Supposed* to go into work today but I texted my new boss and she responded "it was ok to not come in if I wasn't feeling up to it" UM, HELLO....I do not work from May 21 - August 30, I do not get paid, earn leave or accure seniority during that time. You do not need to give me permission to NOT come into work - the state has done that FOR YOU. I wanted to say "remember, I was doing YOU a favor by coming into work"?!?! Whatever....

Off to make my grocery list and feed some kiddos!
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