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Re: AP Parents Friends with Non-AP parents

I don't really have a lot to say....but in regards to the ds1 knows the fly swatter as a "no-no stick" thanks to MIL. He is never alone with MIL anymore. And if she starts 'misbehaving' or if he starts frustrating her, I tactfully make our exit. I do NOT find that form of discipline acceptable!

As a first time mom being led by MIL (I'm 1,000 miles away from my family), I knew of nothing other than that's what ds1 has grown up with - to a point. Now that I'm more educated, I HATE spanking...absolutely despise it...but I do feel in certain circumstances that it's what works for ds1. And I mean only in extreme circumstances (running away from me toward a busy street, etc), not every day discipline. I **HATE** it, but it's the only thing he responds to.
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