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Re: If you were NIP...

Yanno, I always hoped someone would say something snippy to me, just so I could tell them off! Can you tell I'm a bit of a confrontationist? I've never had anyone say anything about my nursing, except for my cousin's husband who caught sight of me and turned and ran away.

I would rather have a "right on!" and maybe have that lead to conversation so that I could end up with more friends who breastfeed (or have babies at all.. only one of my friends do!) and understand the importance of it. But at the same time, struggling with my squirmy worm and trying to nurse discreetly isn't exactly when I feel up to conversation. The cards are nice, I think I'd keep it in my baby's book so she can see how much it meant to me to nurse her when she was a baby, and hopefully make the same decision herself.

I met a woman at Walmart wearing her son in a sling, and if she hadn't come up to me to chat about the sling (and cloth diapers, as it turned out!) we never would have become friends, so I'd say take the initiative and talk to a woman nursing and encourage her. Anything to make a nursing in public mom feel more empowered is good by me.
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