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Re: The what are you waiting on... (Canada edition)

2 Inspired by finn amber necklaces (I'm running a co-op right now so there will be at least 1 more of these coming after I close it down too)
a medium gaga pink gdiaper (trade)
2 ontray2go trays
2 bags of RnG and 1 shake it up
glamour mom nursing tankini
2 swim diapers
1 cover
a box of ffs fitted
2 pairs of little soles
a boba 2g
pouch sling
3 amber necklaces 1 hazlewood necklace and an amber anklet

4 medium fuzzibunz
a sleepy wrap
4 pairs of leg warmers
10 animalz wooden animals
1 ringley teether
1 habba pull toy
melisa and doug puzzle and shape sorter
a pair of stonz booties

And I have an empty mailbox

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