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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Oh my goodness dont ask me about my body. I lost all but 15 pounds of what I had gained and now I have gained back at least 10 pounds. I too cannot seem to stop eating. I dont think I eat too much more than I did when I was not pregnant, but its hard for me to remember since its been so stinkin' long. I am NOT happy with myself right now, but I am not ready to make a commitment to eating less/going to the gym yet either.

We arent starting solids until 6 months or so. When he can sit up with assistance, when he loses his tongue-thrust reflex, when he has a pincer grasp, and when he shows more interest in foods. So quite likely around 6 months for sure. He looks at us while we are eating now, but thats the only readiness sign I see at all. And I want his tummy to be fully able to handle food so we will wait. No rush here.

I have a question. Is anyone having problems with their sex drives? I have absolutely NO interest in sex these days. I get plenty of sleep and I am always tired, and I have zero interest in having sex. ::sigh:: Poor DH. Am I the only one? I am wondering what is going on. Its not my thyroid because I had that checked. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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