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Re: help me make these muffins a tad healthier

I know people who sub coconut oil for the butter in baking recipes.. it changes the texture a tad but not by much. And depending the brand gives the baked goods a very faint coconuty taste (I hav the Lou-Ann coconut oil, and actually don't notice a coconut flavor). There are also vegan "margarines" that you can use instead of butter. I know for a fact that there is soy butter as well.

Also, you could substitute some whole wheat flour for some of the white flour (I frequently use half whole wheat in my cookies and brownies). If you wanted to add soem fiber, you could toss in some flax seed meal or oatmeal.

You could also add 2 tablespoons of brewers yeast which is good for your digestive system. Warm baked goods will taste slightly yeasty, but once cooled off, you can't taste the yeast.

You could also cut the sugar down to about half a cup, it will make them slightly less sweet, but still yummy. I frequently cut white sugar down a bit.

Good luck mama!
God bless!
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