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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers *WIP* 8/6

Originally Posted by shel*bel View Post
Oh and regarding dyeing. I take notes on how I dye each colorway. Some of my older colorways don't have as detailed notes as my newer ones do, but I have notes on most of my colorways (except for a couple, which I need to try to recreate).

Originally Posted by ~EweNeedColor~ View Post

I used to write it all down, now I just wing it

lol as long as it works for you which it seems to be

Originally Posted by ~EweNeedColor~ View Post
Well, now I'm super aggravated. I reskeined the yarn, and it looks almost identical to another VERY popular colorway Any guesses?

It is different enough.. I love it!!

Originally Posted by singingpraises7 View Post
The last fs we had was 40 lbs at 4 months. I went to pick him up and was shocked at how big he was. Our youngest dfs is 3 and has outweighed him since he was 1.

I was telling ds the story of the day we got him this morning. We were called when he was a hour old. They said they has a white baby boy just born and would we take him. When I met the workers in the wallmart parking lot they hand me this beautiful tiny (4lbs) black baby. I told them I would never give him back, and we wont. We adopted him when he was 1. We always tell him we got him at wallmart. He loves hearing his story.
Such a sweet story!!

Originally Posted by eguisgirl View Post
I have been MIA lately. We went on a trip to Vancouver WA and PDX and then I came back and have been working.. Here is my latest FO!!! My newest WIP is a sleuthing hoodie, that I may make without the hood on MM Samhain Skies- I just joined in the round, so it doesn't look like much yet.

I love that!! Green is my fav colour!!!

Originally Posted by zander's mama View Post
So I was talking to DH about wanting to get the HH pattern to make all of the boys hats for x-mas and maybe myself one as well. Then he looked at the pictures and and asked if I'd make him one too
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