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Re: Co-sleeping, BF, CD... & lots of other questions

Co-sleeping is a learned skill. We struggled at first too. Now ds is 8 months old and can roll over, find the breast, and go back to sleep. He nurses off and on all night, but I have gotten so used to it I don't even wake up. We were never successful using a cosleeper or bassinet. I just sold mine last week and it was still pretty much new.

I don't have to much advice. The side lying does get easier as baby gets older, because their mouth gets bigger and they get a better latch IMO. A trick I learned from my LC when ds was little. Put a rolled up wash cloth under your breast. It elevates it just a little bit off the bed. That helped my ds with his latch when side lying.

As far as diapers, it sounds like baby might be having a reaction to something your eating. I know Dr Sears calls it the bulls eye or something like that. When the baby is red like that around the anus. His site is where I read about it and he said it was from food allergies. Do you eat dairy, soy, or any other high allergens. You may try cutting out dairy for a few days and see if the rash goes away.

Hope that helps a little. It does get better.
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