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Re: Calling all vegetarians and vegans!

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
So, we are omnivores over here, but eat too much meat and too few whole foods.

I'd like to eat healthier by eating less meat and more whole foods.

I was wondering if some of you might be willing to share your favorite main dishes, so that maybe 2x-3x a week I could do a vegan or vegetarian meal for dinner.

My husband would not be willing to give meat up completely. When I suggested a few meatless nights, he looked at me like I had just said something completely crazy! So I'd like to find some dishes that my carnivore would be willing to "settle" for. LOL

Someone has already suggested burritos with black beans and sweet potatoes, which sounds really yummy... as well as a "mexican style" black bean and rice dish to be eaten as is or as a burrito stuffing.

I have also heard tomato and avacados on tortillas for a vegan quesadilla.

A few times a week, for lunch I give my kiddos crackers, cheese and fruits/veggies. And they LOVE peanut butter, so they usually have at least one peanut butter sandwich a day.

So.... please post your favorite recipes here... .and if you have carniverous husbands, who love a particular meatless dish, I'd love to see that too.

God bless!
if you are going vegan, be careful with the tortillas because a lot of them have animal fat/lard in them.
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