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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Hi ladies, sorry it was game day today and date night last night. Thank you all for your kind words, without your encouragment I might not have had the guts to even go in to the psychiatrist. I'm on Adderall XR for my ADHD and I see my therapist regularly it's been life changing. I feel, well most days I feel would be better I still have my bad days, like my old self or a whole new person, I've been in a fog for so long it's hard to remember when the skies were really clear.
I am now a huge advocate for psychiatric illness and post pardum depression awareness, it's so important for woman to realize that you are not crazy , you are not alone and there are so many things out there, from medication to therapy that can help so much. When I had PPD with my oldest I had no clue what was going on and I blamed myself for all of it and I really don't remember much of her first year. I'd never want to go through that again or have anyone else have to. I am so glad to see so many of us have taken steps in the right direction and Shannon I am sorry it was such a fight for you. I read some of your posts and see so much of me in them, sorry I never responded. It's hard enough to truly explain how you feel in type, let alone on a phone where I can barely make a readable word.

Shannon, my only problem with Adderall is I do have a tendency to panic when I'm being rushed. It's probably more subconscious then the actual medication (my biggest problem was procrastination) but either way I get very anxious during that time and it can take a while for me to unwind. Also, yes nursing is great, but I will never question my decision to stop so I could get medication that helped. I still bond with my little guy just as much if not more, because now I am happier able to really enjoy him.

Julie, Zoloft did that to me to, but so did kids so it's really hard to see which one was behind it the most.

AFM, DH has been depressed lately and it's been hard to reach out to him, we have good and bad moments or days. I'm trying to get him back to "normal", but it's not been easy. Right now I am trying really hard to not start fights (though it can be difficult) and give him the time he needs to snap back. I know it's a mixture of work stress, our house breaking down on us and still looking like it's been struck by a tornado and the let down as he ran right back into the brick wall of everyday life after a long vacation. Patience is key right now and mine is certainly being tested, but everyday is worth it even the bad one's. We are less then six months out before he leaves for a year.
As for a sex life mine is completely cycle based, it's so funny to be able to observe it. DH got clipped so no birth control pills or gadgets to mess with my bodies natural rhythm and wow it is so funny how those ovulation hormones can take control.
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