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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

My SD is all wacky! Of course it is totally gone when I'm having a bad day with my PPD and most of the time I'm just too tired. But sometimes it kicks into high gear, which usually seems to be on the days DH is working a 24. We have a major issue getting our "timing" straight. I have noticed that it has picked up more since I quit the patch and got the IUD. Unfortunately, eliminating the hormonal BC didn't help my depression as much as I was hoping.
I'm beginning to believe that it is actual clinical depression and possibly a bit of BPD mixed in. I started my concerta yesterday. UGH, I hate how it makes me feel the first few days. DH will be home tomorrow, so I'll start the Pristiq then. Anybody else tried that? I still need to get my hormones checked, b/c I know that is part of it. DH says the only time I am happy is when I am pregnant-so it has to be hormonal, right?

So, when is our "reunion cruise"? I'm thinking it would be a fabulous way to celebrate the babies' first birthdays I'm sure I can talk Joshua into delaying his celebration until April, LOL!
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