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Re: Circumcism rates are dramatically falling

Originally Posted by Zandersmommy09 View Post
there is nothing wrong with circumcising my boys are circumcised!!
Personally I feel that it should be something that people have to choose to do, not have to choose not to do. Does that make sense?

I realized it might not make sense DS isn't circ because we didn't feel it was necessary. After choosing not to circ I learned more about it and I am happy with our choice not to.

I feel that the majority of people don't research this procedure and most parents circ just because it's what you do. For instance the hospital called us before DS release because they must have lost his permission form for a circ. It would be better if the norm was to leave things alone unless there is a problem so the parents who circ would be informed. I don't feel it's a terrible thing to do for religious reasons or health reasons if you go into it knowing the facts.
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