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Re: Circumcism rates are dramatically falling

One of those threads, if you don't like it don't READ IT. This was shared to share with others the excitement, the only ones who come in here to start things, are the ones it was not directed to in the first place. And just because someone does it, does not mean there is nothing wrong with it. I find statements like that amusing. If it was so darn great and beneficial, why does the majority of the rest of the world REFUSE to do it to their children??
I'm not sure if I was the one you got it from or not, but the report has not been released yet. To see the article, you can sign up for a 30 day trial, and then cancel after you read it

THe CDC "estimated" that the rate was at about 43%, that statement has been released. I think it is absolutely amazing and wonderful that more and more parents are choosing to educate themselves. It really made my year! The locker room "argument" was about the last standing excuse, and now that table has turned. So, I wonder if now more parents will still cling to that, and leave their boys alone so they can be like everyone else?
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