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Re: Healthy eating on a budget?

Beans! They are cheap, full of protein and low on fat. The bag of black beans I just cooked says they have zero fat in them.

I'm going to grate some carrots and onions and sautee them. Then mix them in with my cooked beans, and make black bean veggie burgers. I'm going to make baked sweet potato fries with them.

Always buy your fruit/veggies in season. They are cheaper. And if your grocery store has a discounted section for fruits that are really ripe... get them. You can make smoothies out of them.

Check to see if your grocery store has a card club. It's not a credit card, it's just a card that when you swipe at the register gives you special sales that non-card members don't get.

Frozen veggies. Just as good as fresh, and they are cheaper and of course have a longer shelf life. At most stores you can find small bags for around a dollar.

Baking your own bread will save a ton! And you can find great whole wheat recipes.

Check the advertisements that get put in your mail box. And compare them. Usually a store will meet their competetors printed add... so figure out what you want, then you can just shop at one place instead of wasting gas driving all over town to hit EVERYONE'S sales.

I recomend checking out She is a VERY frugal mama, and has some recipes up that cost very little per serving. There is also a cook book called Miserly Meals. And a Foodnetwork show called $10 dinners. Where she prepares dinner for 4 for under $10.00.

Check out the manager's specials in the meat department. It's meat that needs to be sold within a day or two, so it's marked down. But you can cook it that night or the next, or freeze it.

Good luck and God bless!
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