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Re: AP Parents Friends with Non-AP parents

Ugh my one friend is non AP and serisouly driving me to the point i avoid her as much as possible.... Its not just that shes non ap but that shes irresponsible and makes good young moms look bad......I want to call cps on her for soo many things but i guess im chicken....i cant even be near her anymore

The only person i can think of i know that may be AP is not even a parent yet shes my cousin and shes loves soo many things i do

blah i wish i could just avoid all non ap ppl but then i would have no friends... ( i only have like 3 anymore anyway lol) o well their loss.....

I pry wouldnt have bit my tongue with your friend though. My friend spanked her 18 month old for hitting mommy ....ugh i was like so what are you teaching her by that....she said she didnt know....stupid
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