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Re: August 2009 Babies ~ Happy Birthday!!

Julie I love the pictures! Especially the one of her hitting the pinata! My DD wants one at her and Aiden's party and I wasn't sure about getting one that they hit. But that was such a cute picture - maybe I'll go for it

Aiden is driving me crazy! He is into everything and is throwing huge fits. I need a break LOL! But he has been doing some pretty cute stuff lately too that makes up for it. He has figured out how to nod his head for "yes". He does it is slow motion! Now when ever I ask him something he can answer! I asked him if he was hungry at dinner time and he starts sticking his tongue in and out (his sign for eat) and then slowly nods his head for yes. He first did this when we were at a restaurant. We were giving him some different foods and he would point to the one he wanted (like pasta) while saying "uh! uh! uh!" and start signing more. Then I would ask him if he wanted more pasta. He would then get quite and all serious and nod very slowly. It was hilarious!

Last night my DH and I went to the circus! I don't think we haven't been out by ourselves since before Aiden was born! We got a voucher for two free tickets and decided last minute to go. My parents came by to watch the kids and they said that Aiden did great! My mom gave him a cup with EBM and he drank some of it and then he pushed the cup away so my mom laid him in his bed and he went to sleep. No fuss! Now I'm thinking that my DH and I can possibly get out more!
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