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RnG? Natureclean? Soapnuts?

Looking for any and all input, please!

Thought I'd save myself some cash and the effort of looking everywhere for detergent and started to wash with Tide free. Learned quickly that THAT was a terribly idea. So I researched, I stripped (dawn first-FAIL, and then RLR), I re-stripped...eventually, I (UGH) bleached, I stripped again and finally had clean dipes.

Then I moved on to Natureclean after reading some good stuff. But my DS got a bit red just above his "junk" and around his super chunky 2 month old thighs. I can't tell if it's from being wet, or if it's a reaction to the detergent. Anyone else get this with natureclean?
The dipes don't smell too bad. certainly not needing a strip, but they don't smell too good either. I even tried adding some oxyclean, dunno if this does ANYTHING

We have a well and a watersoftener, but I'm VERY sure our water is still pretty hard. I usually do cold rinse, hotwash/ cold rinse, hot wash(no detergent)/ cold rinse. Washing every other day....

I think it's worth exploring other options again......I bought some soap nuts and just ordering some samples of RnG hardrock.

I'm just not 100% satisfied with what I've got going on for dipe laundry and want to hear from you all more info about these 3 options. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
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