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Re: AP Parents Friends with Non-AP parents

I think this is REALLY tough, since most of us are NOT surrounded by people who parent like us. I live in an area where NO ONE else is AP at all...and it drives me nuts. We live in a two family...the woman downstairs own the house and is a accquaintance of mine. Her parenting is HORRIBLE. Makes it tough, because often times the kids will alal be out playing in the yard togather. ME, i sit here and listen to threats of soaps and spankings and faces in the toilet...yup. She called her chidlren all kinds of horrible curses, and then laughs. I was at the point at one time where I almost put a stop to them all playing togther, but then I realized that if thye were around me more, at least they would get *some* gentle guidance. Yes, I realize that I'm not their mother, and I can't save every kid, but every little bit of loving direction has to halp somewhat, right? Well I have noticed that although I listen ot her antics all day, when I am right there with her, she is less nasty than she used to be, like she is worried baout what she looks like in fron of me So maybe it's workign a little. i guess it just depends on how much you can take, but I think that if you can stick with it a little, even seeing them occasionally, then maybe it will be helpful, at least to their kids if not them, so ses such a POSTIVE role model as yourself

I know how hard this sitation is. Follow your heart....
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