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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by livn4him View Post
My dh is not circumcised and I did not have either of my boys either. But because an uneducated nurse tore my first ds foreskin it scarred severely and at nearly five I had to have it done because of scarring complications. If you have a lo that is still in the wrapper make sure that no one, even a medical professional touches it for any reason unless they are properly educated to NOT yank back the foreskin.
Oh Mama... that's awful!!! My DS is 4 and still not retracted and less than educated PEDIATRICIANS tried to get us to circ. him because of that alone... just crazy! DH is a guy who wishes his foreskin was still there... HE was the most adamant that we NOT touch DS... and then working in a hospital and seeing it first hand?? NEVER... My whole family thought we were crazy... I don't give a flying flip... it's their body, their choice, when they can make a choice themselves... end of story... and more over I am SO grateful to the OP and advocates like her, thanks Mama!!
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