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Re: Share your Bento Boxes!

ok I'm back sorry I had to leave such a short reply earlier.

I used to post on flickr under the "kid eats" or kids eat pool, but I don't anymore. I didn't want to pay for a pro account. there are a TON of ppl who do though. LINK Biggie the moderator is the blogger from Lunch in a Box if you LOVE your laptop lunch there is a pool just for laptop lunches also. there is a pool for Mr Bentos too.

I also have an ongiri recipe on my blog (rice balls) and a tutorial for freezing them for fast bento packing. My girls like them plain but you can mix in furitake, minced veggies etc also.

I also make hand held savory pies (mini ones), pizza rolls etc to keep in the freezer

I make pizza rolls and hand held pies (with savory fillings) and keep them in the fridge also.
Jlist has bentos too just google them

if you live near a Daiso they have great stuff it's a Japanese yen store I always get a ton when I get to one

I use a Mr bento for DH, a smaller version for DD, I have an obsession with bento boxes and have way to many I have one metal tiffin we love.
I have three extras but I find the one we have is enough so need to sell the others and other stuff.

I keep my belts, molds, egg molds, sauce cups/bottles, picks, cutters, foils, silicone cupcake cups for stuff, etc in drawers it doesn't look like that anymore I have gotten too many items crammed in there.

I can't wait until the school year starts. I picked up four packs of cream cheese and they are so small and cute for dipping pretzels and carrots and such. DD loves her food hot though so I didn't pack many bentos last year.

I also picked up a few bentos from the disney store.
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