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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by ldwhitfield View Post
How did you mamas convince your husbands to go along with not circing if he was set on it? We fought back and forth about it with our son and I lost. I am pregnant again and while it would be wonderful to have another boy so we had two of each, part of me is really hoping it is a girl so we don't have to go through the circ argument again. And I'm sure I'd lose....again. And I know even more this time around and how heartbreaking it would be. My husband is pretty easy going about most everything and almost always defers to me if I have a preference, but I could not get him to budge on this one, no matter what I said.
Show him one of the videos Mama... tell him he has to witness it being done... it's a really hard battle to fight especially with one already having had it done... I hope you feel peace about what ever the outcome is... but do try to visually educate him... I'm sure his arguments are the same as other Mama's have heard... "has to look the same," "teased in the locker room," I think some of the ladies on here have good statistics and comments to rebuke these statements... When you don't see the procedure it's easy to think "it's no big deal" if he has to SEE it that might change his mind.
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