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Re: What are you teaching your child

Oh crud! It wasn't the school suggesting this! I am so sorry to have implied this. I have had a very positive experience with his teachers so far!

And my child has an independent, diagnosis of ADHD-PI from his psychologist. Last spring the school ID'd him as gifted so he's now entitled to gifted services, but he's not on the official radar as being ADHD. It's kind of tricky for us. He knows and comprehends a lot more than he can put out in a timely manner, so he gets a bit frustrated with the work load, and I am concerned that his love of learning will be effected negatively.

Anyway, it's something suggested to me by his father (you should have heard DH's response to it, you are practically blessing it compared to what he said) as an alternative solution to an IEP that reduces the amount of work but not the quality of work.
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