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Re: What are you teaching your child

From your description, he might not need an IEP. Have you discussed a 504 plan with the school and LO's bio-father? The other option would just be to talk to the teacher. I was a 2nd grade teacher and when I had students frustrated by the amt of work (dictated by the district), I would work w/ the parent by either crossing off half of the page OR telling the parent that when s/he felt their LO had the concept that s/he could just sign the page at that point (indicating that their child did not have to finish). If I found that their LO (consistently) did not have the concepts, then we'd have another conference to determine how to meet their needs.

Most teachers will work with you as long as you don't make their burden overwhelming (remember, they have 20-30 other kids' needs to meet as well). If you decide to pursue a 504, realize that schools don't like 504s either (also legally enforceable), but if he's gifted and adhd, he likely won't qualify for an IEP, but adhd alone would qualify him for a 504.

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