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Re: how long did you test before a positive?

With our 1st I had been to the Navy clinic 4 or so times and they kept telling me negative - I had come off of b/c pills and they said if I didn't start by the next week to come in and they were going to give me a shot of depo to induce a period. I left straight from the Navy clinic after having a negative test and went straight to wal-mart all of 10 minutes away and bought a test and went in the wal-mart bathroom and took it and it was BRIGHT positive! I was probably about 3 or so weeks after af would have been due.

with # 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 they were all lighter tests right at when AF was due or a day or two later. they were not super hard to see but they were definitely faint positives.

With this pregnancy I started testing at 8dpo and got my positive at 9 dpo but it was super super super faint! I finally got a dark positive (still not as dark as the control line) but not hard to see at 16 dpo. I tested again 2 days ago and got a truly dark positive (where the line was as dark as the control line) and I was 6 weeks 2 days.
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