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Re: Is 4 1/2 too Young for Swim Team

We went for the evaluation swim. The lady on the phone tried to talk us into swimming lessons. However, once the coach saw him, she said he was awesome. She said he has to be able to turn his head to the side to breathe before she can put him on. She said if he was older, they would just work with it, but that he's just 4, so we could do it with him. She agreed that swimming lessons would do nothing for him. SO, I'm going to be working with him in the Y pool from now until January (he freaked out a little because the pool is so big, not that he had trouble swimming it) on the breathing and getting him more confident with his backstroke. After that, he's good to go. She saw no problem with him being ready in January. He would have been ready today if he'd been older. I saw the banners there and this aquatics team has won the long course YMCA National Championship every year for the past 4 years. They had awards, trophies, and banners all over the place, so I was excited that they think he's going to be good to go just before he turns 5. I want him to have something that he can do that he has a natural aptitude for that he can do even though we're only home half the month. He was disappointed, but he's begging me right now to go swimming so he can be on the "team." If he makes it by January, he'll be one of the youngest ever to make the team. lol...not that I"m bragging on him or anything.
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