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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

Yup, we're going through a similar thing here, and it's definitely due to teething. I have an amber necklace on the it EVER going to get here?

In the meantime, we have discovered one thing that seems to be helping, in addition to the Hyland's teething tablets and the Anbesol: a white sound machine. Ds still wakes up, but it's much easier to get him back to sleep those times that he wakes up and isn't hungry. (If he's hungry, he can usually just nurse back to sleep.)

Ours is called a Sound Spa, and we got it at Walgreens for 19.99. It's also an alarm clock (not that you'll want to be using THAT function!). The speaker is really crappy, but the ocean sounds works well for ds. Just make sure if you get one that it will play continuously, not just shut off after 60 minutes or whatever.
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