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Re: Share your Bento Boxes!

Originally Posted by natesgirl View Post
ok I'm back sorry I had to leave such a short reply earlier.

I used to post on flickr under the "kid eats" or kids eat pool, but I don't anymore. I didn't want to pay for a pro account. there are a TON of ppl who do though. LINK Biggie the moderator is the blogger from Lunch in a Box if you LOVE your laptop lunch there is a pool just for laptop lunches also. there is a pool for Mr Bentos too.

I also have an ongiri recipe on my blog (rice balls) and a tutorial for freezing them for fast bento packing. My girls like them plain but you can mix in furitake, minced veggies etc also.

I also make hand held savory pies (mini ones), pizza rolls etc to keep in the freezer

I make pizza rolls and hand held pies (with savory fillings) and keep them in the fridge also.
Jlist has bentos too just google them

if you live near a Daiso they have great stuff it's a Japanese yen store I always get a ton when I get to one

I use a Mr bento for DH, a smaller version for DD, I have an obsession with bento boxes and have way to many I have one metal tiffin we love.
I have three extras but I find the one we have is enough so need to sell the others and other stuff.

I keep my belts, molds, egg molds, sauce cups/bottles, picks, cutters, foils, silicone cupcake cups for stuff, etc in drawers it doesn't look like that anymore I have gotten too many items crammed in there.

I can't wait until the school year starts. I picked up four packs of cream cheese and they are so small and cute for dipping pretzels and carrots and such. DD loves her food hot though so I didn't pack many bentos last year.

I also picked up a few bentos from the disney store.
Love your blog! I saw the tutorial for freezing rice balls (which seems ingenius despite it's obviousness) but can't find your recipe for ongiri... would be curious to see it. Do you mind sharing here?
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