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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

I only bring my kids in if they have something that I can't fix at home. My oldest DD has been to the doctor for her 2 week check up (only because I wanted to see if she was back up to birthweight) once at 3 weeks old with RSV (was hospitalized for 5 days) and once at about age 1 1/2 because I couldn't get her excema to clear up (milk allergy...who knew?), once at age 3 1/2 for a bladder infection that didn't get better with cranberry and once at about age 5 for an upper respiratory problem that turned out to be her dad's cigarrettes (my exH who I repeatedly asked to NOT smoke around her!!!! idiot!)

Little DD has went in at 4 days old...just got out of the NICU, once at about 5 months for RSV (didn't have to be hospitalized but she couldn't breathe, poor thing) and just about a month ago for a spider bite? to her hand that made her hand swell up to the point of being shiney with pitting edema.

I guess the doctor just knows that I am not bringing my kids in for well baby visits or shots so they don't ask. I know the doc and his nurse personally though so that probably helps. I would just tell your doc, "I will bring the kids in if I feel they have a problem and will seek medical attention when medical attention is needed"

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