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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

Originally Posted by bean3 View Post
I love the doctor, but it is the office that is the problem. The one year when I dared to say we were still deciding what we were doing with vaccinations, the nurse literally ordered me to do them. I found out the next year that there was a competition between the different locations of this practice to see who get get the most vaccinations administered. I found this out because they won a TROPHY that was proudly displayed at the front desk, and it also stated the time frame that the competition was going on; same time that the nurse ordered me to do the vaccinations. (She didn't recommend, she just barked out the order). To me that is simply wrong. It is one thing to try to upsell soft drinks at a fast food restaurant, but trying to upsell vaccinations for a trophy?

I'm fine with clinical recommendations, but I simply do not like the manipulation I'm seeing and see these competitions as clouding the quality of care we are receiving. I really love this doctor, but their office staff needs to back off. I hate to have to leave her though.
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