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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

Originally Posted by FaeryGnomeHome View Post
well i'm quite sorry you feel that way. it was just a suggestion. i don't see the OP jumping all over me.
I actually do do business based on the people companies employ. I had one doctor's office in Texas (familiy practice) that would schedule you for a 10:00 appointment and you would be LUCKY to be seen by noon. This happened repeatedly. The norm was for your 15-minute appointment to take well over 2-3 hours. I finally corned the doctor himself on it (a doctor I absolutely loved at the time) and told him that it is absolutely unacceptable to have your patients waiting in the waiting room for an hour and then another hour in the exam room.

He had the nerve to tell me that the scheduler didn't know how to schedule appointment properly, so a 15-minute ear infection visit and a 45-minute complex diabetic patient visit would actually both get a 15-minute slot. He just chuckled it off like "well, she just doesn't know". I told him it is his responsibility to 1) hire people who DO know, 2) EDUCATE HER. It is unacceptable. Hiring unqualified people is actually not an excuse and the receptionist DOES represent their business.

Of course, this was the same office that fired their billing staff in an effort to save money. I then got a bill 1 1/2 years later and was told I could not schedule another appointment because my bill was due in full (the bill I never got). When I questioned it, I was told about the billing staff being fired.

Brilliant office, right? I took my business elsewhere. I have no patience for poor customer service and bad business practices.

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