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Re: Pre-School Advice?

If it gives you time w/ your youngest- then I'd say it's a good idea. He'll benefit being w/ his normal playgroup and it's not that many day/ hours. I'm sure he'll adjust fine to homeschool. I doubt he won't like it anyway since he knows all of the kids.

And to the person who didn't go to preschool- I didn't either and most kids I went to school with didn't but nowadays all the kids go to preschool and preK. My neighbors kids started kindergarten this past year and was BEHIND in reading!!! I was like HUH???? I think we started learning to read in 1st or 2nd grade! I know it's not about keeping up with everyone especially if you're homeschooling and doing things at your own pace but just wanted to add that it's very normal actually expected (atleast around here) for kids to have already been learning and socializing WELL before kindergarten.

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