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Opinions needed please!!!

I need some opinions on what my DH and I should regarding "when to have the next baby!"

A lil background info: My DH and I got pregnant (oops!!!) while we were both in school going to be teachers. I have about two years left but I dropped out then so I could work to get Mat leave. Im in Canada so our mat leave is one year which just ended so Im back to work now (im a nanny so i take my son with me)

My DH continued on with school and he has one year left to go now, so will be done next August.

When my son was first born we talked about waiting to have the next baby (we want three in total) till after Im done school, which will be approximately three years from now (depending on if I get into the program I need to)

If we have a baby as soon as Im done school, we will be no better off financially. We would have to wait at least a few more years to have a baby so we could start paying off student debt etc to be in a better financial place.

I think since I could get another year of paid Mat leave now because Im working we should have another baby right away but my DH thinks thats a bad idea and we should wait till im done school (but I wont get Mat leave then unless I start work first) He is stressed about finances although he doesnt want to wait another 5 or 6 years to have the next one either.

So what do u mommas think? I dont want my oldest to feel like an only child because his younger siblings are like 5 years younger than him. But I also dont want to be struggling our whole lives either. Right now, we get by, but we rent and would like to buy a house one day, have money saved etc.

Thanks for any help and sorry its so long!
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