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Re: Veggie Meals?

meatless chili, meatless working barn stew, stuffed pepper enchilladas, Cheesy bean and rice borritos, tostadas or make a nice bean dip with torilla chips (wo do alot of our shopping at Sam's Club so we get rice, cheese sauce, tortilla chips, frozen/canned veggies in bulk). Vegetable alfredo (I know you said no pasta but it's good anyway, I make my own sauce), curries, soups, mediteranian style dishes, if they call for meat just omit it.

I couldn't stand the sight of meat when we got alot of our protien from beans, peanut butter, nuts, and milk products (not a huge fan of eggs, I'll use them in recipies like muffins but not in regular cooking). Most people get way more protein than needed anyway. But if your still eating meat dishes a couple time a week that'll help to oif you are not a fan of beans, eggs, dairy etc..
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