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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

I have 9yr old twin boys and they're like 65+lbs and have been out of boosters since 2nd grade I think. I had issues with my dad not putting them in boosters or whatnot or letting them ride in the front seat. I had to really tell him how dangerous it is and that WHY risk it when the consequence is fatal?? Kids don't have that level of comprehension and its our job to protect them. I would put it on the line that she goes in the booster or doesn't go at all. Final answer. My kids were bummed when they were put BACK in a booster on 2 occasions when the law has changed. Its a bummer and I see kids all the time riding in newer model cars that I KNOW have airbags in the front and it just irks me. One benefit to our Honda Odyssey is that the front pass. airbag has a sensor on it to turn off if the weight is under 80lbs. I rarely let my boys ride in the front unless we have a full house and they're the biggest kids. They know that the law is the law and that we must obey it. Since it may not be a law in your state but only a recommendation, you should maybe find some info online and show her the seriousness of a booster seat in some states. Good luck!
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