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Re: Pics of shared baby-toddler rooms?

I just wanted to say that we have that toy shelf thing too with the buckets on the rods

Originally Posted by blossomgoat View Post
We have two rooms for the two girls. They sleep in one and play in the other. The frogs are in the bedroom and the flowers are in the playroom. Our girls are 18 mos and 3yo.

We're considering moving DS into DD's room at some point, just not sure when or how we'll maneuver it. DS's clothes are already being stored in DD's extra dresser (her bedroom suite came with 2 dressers, her bed and night stand, and she only uses one dresser) but his crib is in our room. I haven't decided WHEN we are going to move his crib into her room... I'm thinking he'll be at least 6 months old, which will make her 3 years old. I need him to be sleeping through the night consistently before I consider it... and he's waking up around 5am right now, which is too early IMO to be sharing with DD and waking her up, or her waking him up when she wakes up in the morning and he's still sleeping (he goes back to bed after his 5am feeding)
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