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Re: For those who had difficult pregnancies

Big hugs mama

Don't worry about taking the anti depressents during pregnancy, it';s better to have them in your system at the birth as emotionally a lot will be going on. I have OCD and stopped taking meds (can't remember the exact name but they also use it for PPD) when I became pregnant with my dd. Towards the end (a very complicated pregnancy) I needed to be back on them. I was going insane, not feeling connected to a baby they told me would most likely die at birth, feeling out of control and starting my OCD ways. After she was born I thought I would see her and *poof* bonding but I was wrong. I locked my self in the hospital bathroom because I didn't want to go home with her. I couldn't breastfeed because I didn't want her latched to me like that, my dh had to take off an extra few weeks of work because I told him I couldn't be home with her. I guess I was still waiting for something to go wrong, for her to pass as they said she would likely do. I wasn't convinced they were wrong and that she was healthy and I didn't want to become attached to someone I was going to lose. I ended up developing pretty bad PPD and they put me on some stronger meds, that really helped. My dd is a healthy 3 1/2 year old now and I am totally nuts about her. She is my daughter and we bonded through insanity (she also has OCD) which creates a very tight bond.
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