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Re: picking out corn on the cob

OK we raise tons of sweet corn every year and freeze around 200 pounds...I WANT to see corn guys called them worms
Because if they are there it is corn that has been raised without chemicals-hence killing all bugs.Now some areas are not as bothered by them so you may not have them but here in the south they are here.Yeah they eat a little but I like knowing my kiddos corn is raised organically.Bugs only eat good fresh veggies so if a bug likes it...You just remove the critter and usually they are just on the tip so break it off and your all set.
Second you are looking for the ears being filled out and fresh.Corn has a real hard time polinating if it gets real hot so you could end up getting home with partial ears of corn if you don't check.
The overall sweetness of corn depends on the variety it is and chances are your local grocery wont know themselves...unless it's locally grown and they know the farmer.Not all yellow corn is sweet corn and not all sweet corns are equally sweet and not all white corn isn't sweet.
Boy I couldn't amagine adding sugar to corn...guess that's why we raise it though ours is so sweet and good...round 1 is about a foot all now-we grow in 3 stages so we have corn much longer thru the summer.Hey there is no smiley rubbing their tummy with butter dripping off thier mouth
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