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Re: Who did acupuncture to start labor?

It worked but only after:

We ttried this several times between 37 and 38.5 weeks. Didn't work, Waited until 39 weeks went into hosp for induction, they started pit at 7 am and at 2 my chiropractor called ot check how things were going, very slow, he came for a "visit" between 4-6 pm. Stuck a needle in my toe and one between my neck and shoulder, within 30 secs went into hard labor. It progressed fairly quickly and then slowed, ob broke my water ordered a epi, and then we had baby by 9:20. That is very fast for me. I had the epi due to baby attempting to turn and the possible need to either do a c/s or version quickly. Plu the pain relief was nice. LOL Noah was stubborn and I am glad I had the epi as his shoulders got stuck and his cord was wrapped around his neck and was pinched between my pelvis and his shoulder. My ob literally had to pull him out by the head to save him. He is now seeing a Chiropractor for suluxations throughout his spine. He was a big baby 10 lbs 7 oz. Anyway that is my story. I would do it all again if I ever have the chance for another baby.
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