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Re: Sleep disorder in 10 month old? *LONG*

my 3rd child had severe sleep apnea. We had a sleep study done. The Dr was like "oh no, you can sleep in the chair or actually the bed and we'll bring in a crib for him..." but the girl doing it was like "no no, do what you do b/c we need him to SLEEP" so we coslept and night nursed as usual, His oxygen sats were DANGEROUSLY low, and his heart was being affected. But I'd pull him to me and he'd match my breathing then. I tried not to touch him. At home I always "broke the cycle" but for their test I tried not to interfere. But I was pg and BONE tired so sometimes I reacted naturally. In the morning the lady was all choked up saying our sleep study was "beautiful" and "like a dance" and that sleeping w/me was keeping him alive and to not let him sleep alone until they could fix it. We had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed but it was worthwhile. (you can PM me if I forget to check back here and you have any questions etc)
Kim, mom of 5
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