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Re: Mitch and Heidi----

Originally Posted by Jaxence View Post
Great idea...I really need some preschool leveled stuff for DD to do when we do the more advanced stuff with DS...some of it took a tole on her today...He was doing it so fast and she was struggling with it so I definitely need a couple of fillers...And a flashy educational book or 2 that we haven't read a million times, probably couldn't hurt...I have a big white board on my kitchen wall so that will help with instruction...I just wish I had an office or someplace I could use as a classroom so they could focus on schoolwork in the same place everyday...that wasn't associated with food...

Where do you guys do your schoolwork???
One of dd2's favorites (she's 2) is her Pre-K workbook from Costco. It's ginormous and she just goes through & picks what she wants to "work" on, colors on & names the letters, the numbers, etc. But Costco changes their supply every couple of weeks. I know they have workbooks now at ours, just different ones. We usually do schoolwork in the living room. The girls each have a mini white board (markerboard at Lowe's, cut by them for free into two small boards & one giant one), but I keep the dry erase markers under close guard, lol. In the living room I can print off new things while we work if I need to.
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