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Re: parents of autistic children

I have asked one of the mods to please restore the stickied thread to this new site, so we will have to wait.

Since we last chatted, I took both girls to the DAN doc and they are both on suppliments so far. Claire is mellowing out a bit and Tiffany's appetite is ferocious! LOL It's helping but not a huge amount as of yet.

She has sent hair samples to the lab to test for mineral deficiencies and heavy metal output, I will let you all know how that goes.

Tiffany has now been put on zinc as she is deficient in that, she and I both have a yeast problem so we are on a strict diet for that as well. Sigh.

Claire is the least bothered by this and is being rather (surprisingly!) good about taking all these pills but Tiffany is fighting it a bit. Which is NOT surprising.

Anyway, it's hard to see improvement when we are scrutinizing their every movement everyday, trying to see improvements but others have commented on their improved behavior so I am taking that as a positive sign things are working for them. They have their next DAN doc appt. on the 8th of May. We will be finding out the results of their hair samples.
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