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what size does your toddler wear?

My daughter is just over a year and a half. She still has more of a "baby" body type than a "toddler" body type. By that I mean that most toddlers I've personally known start to get lankier for a while before filling out again.

She is in weird sizes as far as clothes. She can wear a few 18 month outfits, and most all 24 month outfits. But once wet into the "t's"...things get iffy. She needs elasticized bottoms or else she completely cannot wear
2ts and even a lot of 3ts! She doesn't need tops quite so large, but still she has completely skipped 2ts for most things.

I was just curious what size your little one is wearing now compared to age, etc. and your experience with the age groups and sizing. She has always worn things a bit bigger than her age, like a 12 month outfit at nine month, etc. But now, WOW!
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