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Re: EasyLunchBoxes

I'd like to respond to a few comments.

These are NOT EXACTLY like the ziploc containers! These are MUCH better! They are a sturdy, non-flimsy container and lid.

In fact, when my first order came, they were stuck together pretty well. Dispite the note in there warning that their first batch came packed tightly and my gingerly taking them apart, two stuck and one chipped. I emailed the owner just to let her know (not asking for anything ~ they come 4 in a pack and I'd ordered 3 packs, so I had plenty to spare 1). She said that they were fixing the packaging problem and she sent me a whole new 4-pack to replace the 1 container! AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

We were going to do Laptop Lunches at first. Last year was DS's first year of school (K) and we packed lunches. What a joke! We had so many different little containers for food it was a mess! And plastic bags! Yuck. Our lunch drawer was a mess!!!
I was going to get Laptop Lunches through a coop and it was going to be over $100. DH didn't like that at all! He also asked how I'd feel the first time (and the 2nd, 3rd...) that DS absent mindedly tossed one of the little bento's or lids. He's not yet old enough to be trusted with something that costs so much.
There was another lunch thing that was being cooped for about $15 each. Came with stickers to make it look like a bug or alien or something. I did research and learned that each section of the lid had to be snapped in place so the items didn't fall into another compartment. Also the lids were too difficult for kids to open. That took them out of the running.

So I googled around and found these. Sooooo glad we did!!! DH approved. We ordered 2 lunch totes (big sis has to be just like big brother) and 3 packs of containers for the free shipping!! It was just over $50.

These babies do not bend after being in the dishwasher either! They do not get wimpy after that either. Top rack only.

Seriously, these have changed our lunches completely!
Another trick is to use a paper (haven't yet afforded the rubber) muffin cups in one section for something cold that would have to be removed before heating up the whole container. DS won't have heated lunches though, so I've only done this trick here at home. Works great!

I found my solo cups and lids on ebay! It was the cheapest! I think I got about 200 of them!
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