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Re: Mitch and Heidi----

Originally Posted by Malakaiii View Post
I just want to wave because I'm following along even though I don't have any kids to homeschool (yet!)

I plan on homeschooling my kids. I want to set up a program more tailored and challenging than they get in public school because I've seen that system fail for so many children. I worked as a reading tutor and classroom volunteer in a bunch of public schools and they just don't work. Even the teachers who are amazing are bullied into doing things like everyone else and the kids lose out.

I love to see what all of you are doing with your kids!
Thanks for the support...My little bro was bullied by his kindergarten teacher and I think it set him up wrong in life..I mean she kept telling him he was stupid...He could read before kindergarten, but learned differently than the other students...
He took my car apart when he was 13 and fixed it without any help or even knowing what was wrong...and we didn't have the internet, he just knew...That's my DS...His mind works the same way and I knew how hard it would be on him to be forced into their way of doing things...His daddy is this way too...Difference is dh was HS for the first few years...I've seen the system fail too many myself, but was still terrified that I wouldn't be able to do this myself...
It's really sooo much easier than I thought it would be...It's nice to have people to discuss it with too...since around here people are sternly against it, and think you're setting your kids up to fail in life if you do it...
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