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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
It's comments like that [in internet tone] that seem to scream that those of us who don't vaccinate can't obviously have our children's best interest at heart because we don't have 60,000 doctors on our side.
What I wrote didn't imply that you didn't have your kid's best interest at heart.

What I wrote did imply that non-vaxxers put more stock in anecdotes on internet forums than in a schedule that was created by the foremost authorities on child health in North America, and probably the world.

FWIW, I wrote another paragraph about thinking that 60,000 pediatricians don't have your child's best interest at heart, but in re-reading it it was largely argumentative, so I deleted it.
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