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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by photomikey View Post
What I wrote didn't imply that you didn't have your kid's best interest at heart.

What I wrote did imply that non-vaxxers put more stock in anecdotes on internet forums than in a schedule that was created by the foremost authorities on child health in North America, and probably the world.

FWIW, I wrote another paragraph about thinking that 60,000 pediatricians don't have your child's best interest at heart, but in re-reading it it was largely argumentative, so I deleted it.
Awww, you didn't have to delete it! You are certainly entitled to your opinion

To the bolded underlined, that's where we part ways and I don't believe it to be "anecdotes".
Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post
I don't use anecdotal evidence to make my decisions. I'm just using it as an example of what I'm trying to avoid and why I vax my kid. And it just hits home harder when you hear of these things from people you know. Like my neighbor got into a car accident when he was sleepy - so yes, naturally it makes me want to be more cautious about driving. KWIM?

I have a question too (for the non-vaxers): Will you vax later on in life, when most development has already occurred?

I was thinking about this because one of my co-workers (not a friend of a friend of a friend) got German Measles when she was pregnant and her baby was born mentally retarded, physically disabled, and has other health issues as well. My co-worker was not vaxed, and was in her 30's when she contracted it. Will you (non-vaxers) vax your daughters (or sons) when they are older? Aren't you worried at all about when your DD gets pregnant when she is older and has no immunity to these diseases?
I'm a little sleepy here What do you mean by "development has already occurred"?

I no longer vax my child. However when they are old enough to research and make the choice for themselves, they are welcome too elect to have vaccines.
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