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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post

I have a question too (for the non-vaxers): Will you vax later on in life, when most development has already occurred?

I was thinking about this because one of my co-workers (not a friend of a friend of a friend) got German Measles when she was pregnant and her baby was born mentally retarded, physically disabled, and has other health issues as well. My co-worker was not vaxed, and was in her 30's when she contracted it. Will you (non-vaxers) vax your daughters (or sons) when they are older? Aren't you worried at all about when your DD gets pregnant when she is older and has no immunity to these diseases?
My mom fully vaxxed me as a child including chicken pox and measles. The chicken pox vax kept me from getting sick as a child but as an adult, I am not immune so I will probably go through it a lot worse because my mom vaxxed me and hopefully I get it before I get really old because it gets much more deadly the older you get. I was also vaxxed for measles and it didn't work. I've had 3 different strains of measles (I mean I've been VERY ill) and have no natural immunity from any of them. I believe my ability to not be immune naturally is because of the vaccine. Just because you give them the vaccine doesn't mean it's effective or that it won't mess with their bodies. I think by the time my daughter is old enough to get pregnant she can decide on whether she gets vaxxed or not.
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