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Re: Mitch and Heidi----

Originally Posted by briggsy13 View Post
I am planning to do some pre-k with my 4 year old this year. I am actually going to an open house by Abeka curriculums tomorrow to look at their stuff. I really feel like I need something with structure for me to start with. Then I hope to feel more comfortable using different bits and pieces for different subjects. I think it will have its rough patches but will be worth it in the end.

Anyone have negative feedback from their families? My mom is not very supportive. She keeps "suggesting" I put him in pre-k, to make things easier on me. She and I will need to have a talk at some point to see what her issues are with it.
Ya my family are against it...casually because they know not to cross my crunchy side too harshly...My dad keeps saying that if I flop I can always hold him back...My mom has always said "how nice it was to have kids in school" hint hint kinda tone in her voice...That's my fam...
Part of my reasoning is that DS is simply not a morning person and he keeps trying to tell me that I have to make him that way soon cuz the world starts at 6...I just laugh cuz I know there is plenty of time for that...
I needed something structured too...just so I knew I was covering my bases...I knew that once we got started it would get least I hoped it would...
So far we love it...DS wants to do more than I have for him every day, but I won't give it to him simply because I know he will burn himself out...
Normally I would say have at it, but I know with him he gets super excited tries to do too much and 1; doesn't learn anything, 2; gets tired of it quickly...seems like if I keep it to a set amount he doesn't do that quite as bad...
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