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Re: 2nd day with PFs - advice?

Originally Posted by starrlight97 View Post
Yes, the PFs are fully prepped. I washed and dried them all five times before using them. I'm glad it looks like I don't need to add anything to his diaper. I just need to work on changing him more often, it sounds like.

ADSNMama--did you use flats on your newborn? I have a dozen Little Lion flats, but I was planning to save them for when LO is bigger. I haven't learned how to use them yet, but am now wondering if they would be less bulky than the PFs??
No, I didn't use flats on my newborn, we found the flat love much later!! She was about 7-8 months by the time we started using flats.

We did use PF's though. And as horrible as it is to say, I honestly can't clearly remember the diapering experience with her. I guess lack of sleep and having a toddler has blocked my memory. But we did use them! I just know that in general, change often, reuse covers if they're not wet on the gussets and yes like others said, you can put a doubler inside of the cover if the baby will be sleeping for a longer period of time.
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