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Re: Grr picky DH is screwing with dinner!

Wow I got a lot of negative comments about DH needing to fend for himself and had planned to just ignore them in favor of just listening to helpful suggestions but I have to say something.
When DH isn't deployed to some place or another, he works a civilian job requiring 6 days of work and 60+ hours in those 6 days. If the girls are entertaining themselves while I'm cooking he will come in and help me but I would rather see him playing with our girls than cooking dinner.
DH has been gone for half of our marriage, half of DD1's life and almost all of DD2's life. While I do expect some help around the house when he's home, most of the help is stuff he can do while spending time with our girls such as bath time, picking up toys, washing dishes with DD1 and vacuuming with our vacuum-riding DD2. Our time is always limited, I will do anything I can to make sure that the time he has with us is spent with his children and enjoying home life.
In a traditional family where the husband is home 90% of the year, even if he works long hours I can agree with telling him to figure out his own dinner if the planned meal isn't something he likes. In our home I'd rather make sure that DH enjoys his meals and our family time at the dinner table since he eats so many meals in a DFAC and out of brown plastic bags. They suck, trust me I did it for long enough.
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